Saturday, July 02, 2005

Saturday again!

Pretty flowers! Posted by Picasa

Went to the market this morning...part of the usual Saturday routine. However, I got some flowers this time because I have been admiring the flowers in the market for some time now. These are jonquils (apparently they are also known as daffodils) and they have a nice scent which makes me happy when I go by and sniff them :) Jonquil also happens to be one of my favourite Swarovski crystal colours. Got these for only $5 for 2 bunches and then I saw Coles supermarket selling one bunch for $4. Even happier...Hehehe!

Today we only spent a short while in the city after accompanying Charli to a late lunch at Pancake Parlour (made even later by the ridiculously long wait for the food to arrive). The food was nice but it will be difficult to get Darlink to go there again after the crazy long wait and the risk of the shops closing on us :P

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XXTSDG said...

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