Sunday, July 03, 2005

I almost had pets today!!

Went to Chapel Street today (not after our mandatory Smith Street visit). Got my favourite Morello Cherry jam and lemongrass chocloate at The Essential Ingredient ( which is this nice place at Prahran Market that sells anything related to cooking. They have quality cookware and foodstuff that you don't really get at the usual supermarkets. Personally I really like the place but Darlink, Charli and Johnny weren't really that interested and stood around having fun with the cone-shaped pot covers, likening them to a pop singer's famous underwear. So we left quite quickly before it got embarassing :P

Spotted the cutest bunnies that I have seen in my time here at a pet shop! They were large and white but not the red-eyed type - they were a cross between lop-eared and dwarf bunnies (but they were not small at all). These two fat brothers had grey ears and noses!!! 10 out of 10 on the cutie animal meter!!! They are really cute and lively. I couldn't stop thinking about getting them after we first saw them so we went back again before going home to see how it felt carrying them. They did like head rubs and patting but it was difficult to catch hold of them, much less carry them. Even the store assistant agreed that it was difficult to carry them. So in the end, no bunnies for me!! :( It sort of defeated the idea that I could have pets to cuddle...and the cute bunny brothers will just have to stay in the shop! They only cost $20 each at that!

They were almost mine! Posted by Picasa

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