Sunday, July 10, 2005


Nice sunny day Posted by Picasa

Today started nice and sunny in the morning, no sign of rain like yesterday. When we came out of church, saw the beautiful blue sky and had to take a pic.

We went to Federation Square to take a look at the ReadyMadeMarket, which is a one-day designer market, part of the Melbourne Design Festival. Nothing was really cheap there since it is designer stuff and hence, mostly deemed unique and thus cannot be gotten too cheaply. Since we were near the Arts Centre Sunday Market just across the road, we decided to take a walk there as well.

Had lunch at the food court at Southgate with Johnny and Charli. The pancakes were fabulous!! I love pancakes!! Must try to make some pancakes from scratch one day instead of using pre-mixes, I think they will taste better.

We headed to South Melbourne market after lunch (Hooray! I got the nice turkey breast for the week's breakfast again!). I took a pic of Cafe Sweethearts - the one we went to a couple of Sundays back since I did not have my camera with me then.

Cafe Sweethearts - Coventry Street, South Melbourne Posted by Picasa

By mid-afternoon, we didn't really have anywhere to go so we all decided to come back to our house for our favourite pastime - playing cards, munching on munchies and drinking tea. We haven't done that for a while, so it was really quite enjoyable to be working the brains again :)

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