Thursday, July 07, 2005

Chocolate is good for you

Remembering that I read somewhere that dark chocolate is actually good for you (it has antioxidant properties which are destroyed by milk, so milk chocolate is not good), I took a walk through the chocolate department at Big W today and looked at all the chocolate bars on the shelves. Some chocolate bars hardly have any cocoa in it - mostly just sugar. I finally saw this near the checkout. It has 85% cocoa!! The ingredients on this reads: cocoa, fat reduced cocoa powder, cocoa butter, brown sugar, natural flavour: vanilla. Wow! This has to be the healthiest chocolate bar I have ever seen. Sugar was actually 4th on the list of ingredients.

Anyway, the test was how it tasted and if you like sweet chocolate, this is definitely not it. It was more bitter than any chocolate I have ever eaten and probably the nearest to eating a cocoa fruit. Hey but if it is good for health, why not? Better than the chocolates that do no good for you. I am not even a chocolate fan anyway, just have the occasional craving (which might be put off by a bite of this powerful chocolate).

Power chocolate Posted by Picasa

Just in case you are interested, if you’re going to eat chocolate there are three main things to know (as advised by Dr Mercola, some health food doctor):
* If you eat chocolate, only eat dark chocolate
* Only eat chocolate if you’re healthy
* Make sure you eat it in moderation

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