Saturday, July 16, 2005

A new addition!

A new addition!  Posted by Picasa

Looky looky! Posted by Picasa

Look what we got at the market today! A new family member! Hehhehehe! It's a baby dwarf lop bunny (but its ears have not drooped yet)! The colour I think is Sooty Fawn. It hasn't got a name yet (it's a she). She is so cute and tiny...have to cuddle as much as I can now before she grows fast really quickly. She was quite quiet when we brought her home because understandably she was scared. By evening she is warming up and becoming quite greedy for a little bunny :) Tentatively, she might be called Rabbitty bunny after dear Rabbitto bunny.

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Shugar said...

Hey! Ooooh, that's a cute honey bunny! Hrm...wonder if 'small' bunny would be jealous? Hahaha....the fat king of the balcony is probably to busy with his 'camping' to care! Heeheehee...