Sunday, July 31, 2005

The weekend is over again! :(

Another weekend quickly passes by. This one was a rather busy one. On Saturday, we went to the Olga Berg winter clearance and got some nice bags for presents and one for myself :) We also got Bobbi bunny a nice new home - two storeys for her to run around and play in!

Bobbi bunny's new house Posted by Picasa

She really loves her new place and in no time she was exploring everywhere and hopping happily up and downstairs.

Bobbi eating in her new house Posted by Picasa

Today Charli finally got to move to her more permanent place. We helped her move all her barang barang which she accumulated at Johnny's place down two storeys to her nice cosy little apartment over five trips! So fun to set up house. She must be quite excited and happy to have her own place at last. We got her a nice set of plates, cups and bowls for her housewarming present so now she has something nice to put her food in when we go over for dinner :)

Here is Johnny "promoting" a plate while Darlink ponders on what he wants to eat out of them.

Plate advertisement Posted by Picasa

The weekend quickly flies by and we have to get back to work again in a few hours! :( Can't wait for the next weekend again...we have to try and get Bobbi a friend so that she doesn't get too lonely. Did not spot any cute friends for her this week.

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