Sunday, July 31, 2005

Beautiful days

The weather these days have been really nice. Sunny days but still rather cool. Sort of got in the mood for taking photos again. What with the nice blue skies and all that...Quite glad that I actually survived most of the winter already. I think I must be really lucky that it wasn't too harsh.

It's a beautiful day Posted by Picasa

A fabulous winter sky - Collins St on a Sunday Posted by Picasa

We went to a shirt shop and there were these beautiful cherry blossoms in the store. I actually didn't think that it was anything unusual because I thought they were the fake kinds you buy during Chinese New Year. Then when I heard the store staff admiring them, I realised that they were for real. OOooh! Now that was something because they looked so perfect and I had to get a picture of it. Actually the stems were in water but even that didn't make me think they were real...

Cherry blossoms - in winter?? Wonder where they came from Posted by Picasa

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