Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bonding with Bobbi Bunny

Today Darlink went for a company dinner so I am at home by myself which gives me some time to bond with Bobbi bunny :). Usually I am too busy cooking in the evening to play with her much.

After I had a quick dinner and Bobbi had her share of celery to munch, we watched Australian Idol together - Bobbi snuggled on my lap in a towel (in case she decides to never know :P). She got to run around on the sofa a bit too.

She got her dessert of apple after that and in the pic below, you see a very satisfied bunny in the bunny hen position (i.e.: blob of bunny).

Pretty Bobbi Posted by Picasa

When Darlink came home, she got to run around on the sofa some more and probably due to the lack of fun when no one is at home for most of the day, she was bursting with energy (and probably joy) at being able to come out again. After a while, she was dashing around madly & binkying all over. It was so funny to watch...and a little scary too :P

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