Friday, July 08, 2005

Melbourne International Film Festival

This is happening here from 20 July to 7 August! Hopefully I can get to watch some of the shows...maybe "some" might even be too about one? :(

Movies here are not exactly cheap. One show in the MIFF costs $15. I could watch 2 shows with that in Singapore. For both of us to watch one movie, I could watch 4 in Singapore. But then again, I am not in Singapore so what to do? Have spent the last almost 2 hours going through the film festival guide trying to decide which is THE show to watch if it is going to only be one. So tough! There are tons of movies! I am not even done with reading all the synopses yet! Sort of have 4 or 5 movies on the to-watch list but have to do a detailed review again later to whittle them down.

I think the festival here must be much larger than compared to Singapore. I haven't really counted and compared the number of shows but there are so many features and focuses - Europe, Middle East, New Chinese cinema, Argentina, sports, documentaries. By gut feel, it is probably 3 times as large? No wonder I am taking so long to decide...

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erika said...

Oh, that sounds good!! I want to go to "Film Festival". In Japan there are no "Film Festival".
Well, also Japanese theater is very expensive. The price is same as Melbourne. Why is it so expensive? But every Wednesday only women can watch movies by $10. Every Wednesday is ladies' day, so I go to see a movie on Wednesday.