Saturday, July 09, 2005

Tea sale day - Hooray!

New tea! Posted by Picasa

L'Epicier is having a 20% off storewide sale for 4 days! Hehehe! Naturally I had to pay a visit :). There were some teas that I already had in mind so today was a good day to go and get it.

I got 2 green teas - one is the Chestnut Green tea. This one has a fabulous chestnutty flavour when you smell it while drinking. One of the yummiest green teas I have ever drunk. The other is Yokorobi which is green tea, green rooibos, marigold, rose and mallow flowers. Very pretty looking and nice smelling too. I got a little pack of their Chai to try out as well and the afternoon tea was a free gift.

Ballerina Mouse is in the picture getting all over my new tea. She is another new "pet" I got in place of the live ones...Gee...sometimes I wonder if I am actually missing something in life to be getting toys at this age. Hmmm...

The weather today is rather dreary, for me at least. It has been raining the whole day and the temperature is about 7 degrees for most of the day which is not usually the case. Most afternoons have been about 15 degrees which is pleasant. Even with a North Face (mountain climbing type) jacket, I still feel cold. When the wind blows, it feels even worse than 7 degrees. Hopefully we don't see too many of days like this.

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Shugar said...

I think Ballerina mouse is real cute! Do i get one? Heehee