Thursday, August 31, 2006


Flatto Posted by Picasa

Bobbi bunny looks a little flattened sitting under the clothes rack, hence the title :D She is helping to hold the rack in place...Hehehe!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What timing!

Bye bye Piggi! Posted by Picasa

My second pet left today because it got too hungry and I didn't find the chicken that gives out food :(

Update: The chicken just appeared! Now I have food and no pet!

What timing! Posted by Picasa

A Bobbi bunny video

Watch Bobbi bunny play with clothes! It is quite cute. Pity the video is a bit dark though...have no idea how to make it brighter.

Mango Caramel Corn

Mango Caramel Corn Posted by Picasa

Mango Caramel Corn...Yummy! These cost more here than in Singapore so they are the occasional treat for me when I go to the asian supermarket.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The 3 guppies

Guppy pics Posted by Picasa

The 3 guppies Posted by Picasa

Got some pictures of the guppies today. Our favourite is the one with the big red fin :)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fun among clothes

Fun among clothes Posted by Picasa

When Bobbi bunny is out and there are clothes hanging out to dry, she amuses herself by continually running under the clothes that will touch her head. She must like the feeling of having someone rub her head so much :)

Tank inhabitants

We got some fish for our tank today! 5 neons and 3 guppies :) The guppies are hard to capture on the camera because they keep darting around, so here are some neon pictures instead.

Fish for the tank Posted by Picasa

In a different part of the tank Posted by Picasa

Pontiki toy creation

Sis got me a new toy...something like Mr Potato Head, only funkier where you randomly poke pieces into a body to create a new design. These are my first 2 Pontiki creations.

My pontiki toy Posted by Picasa

Version 2 Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Darlink is back

Bunnypapa i.e.: Darlink returned from Singapore on Wednesday morning at 6am! Woke up and unpacked stuff (and went back to sleep for 1 more hour :P). For presents, I got Jelly Tots, mooncake and pineapple tarts. Yum! Haven't had those for a while. Do miss the mooncake festival in Singapore where there are so many types of mooncakes to sample each year. Thankfully I have some this year though now. Mammo and Mat also sent me some presents :)

Favourite sweets! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Soooooo Cuuuute bunny video

A must-see for any bunny fan! :D You will be a fan even if you aren't now!

Monday, August 21, 2006

A bunny mosaic

A bunny mosiac Posted by Picasa

Found this website that could do stuff with my Flickr photos and favourites and so my first project was a bunny one of course :)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Funny-looking bunny

The ROUND bunny Posted by Picasa

Was sitting near Bobbi bunny's cage when I spotted her just sitting and staring and looking just funny all round, literally....hehehe! She has such funny expressions sometimes.

Sunny Sunday

There is really fantastic weather here today. It is nice and sunny and just great to be out. After church this morning, went to Macro Wholefoods to buy stuff for cooking. Decided to go to the South Melbourne market after that as well. A whole morning of foodie activities :) Bought some nice flowers for the house too (no idea what they are called though).

Flowers around the house Posted by Picasa

Tested out a cookie recipe from the Green & Black's chocolate recipe book - Chocolate Brazil soft-baked biscuits. Darlink will have nice munchies when he gets back on Wednesday :) They are also good since I used Dark 70% chocolate. Hehehe!

Chocolate Brazil soft-baked biscuits Posted by Picasa

For dinner, there will be pasta that I bought today. Just a little indulgence since I am all by myself and I cannot get to eat the yummy Singapore food that Darlink has been having a great time filling up on these past few days!

Pasta for dinner Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday passed

My first Saturday by myself...have managed to keep it really fully occupied :) Got my haircut in the morning. Planned to go and take a look at what was on High Street in Armadale since it is supposedly a shopping strip which I haven't gone to. Decided to drop by Prahran market first. Love going there :) The atmosphere is really nice on Saturdays...lots of people, all the stalls are open and there is generally a good buzz to it. Couldn't buy any groceries since I wasn't planning on going home yet though. But I got a chilli pasta sauce and chestnut paste from The Essential Ingredient.

Well, High Street didn't really turn out to be that fun for me. The shops there are mainly art galleries, spa and beauty types, expensive clothes shops and home furnishings. One thing was good about it though - Philippa's, a nice bakery with lots of cookies, cakes and breads. I bought a lavender and lemon tea cake loaf. After I bought that, I spotted bread with chocolate and cherries! Couldn't be buying so much cakes and bread for myself so that will have to wait. Gee...I might have to go back there just to buy cakes/ bread.

Met Yee later to go to Westfield Southland for more shopping therapy. We walked around till the shops closed at 5pm and then she invited me to visit her place and have dinner. She drove me back and then it was her turn to visit my house and the famed Bunny. So there was my entire day, filled to the brim with places to go, things to see and buy and some company as well :D

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weird news

Just heard on the radio that half of a house has fallen off the back of a trailer and is blocking the freeway...:S

Scary wind (again!)

Can hear the wind whistling and squealing in the stairwell today and occasionally slamming into the windows...rather scary! Did not go out of the building for lunch today. Dear darlink has gone to Singapore (so lucky!) so I have to go home by myself!! :( Hope it subsides by then!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Fish tank deco in progress

Spot the bunnies! Posted by Picasa

Darlink is busy setting up a fish tank (because we miss having one here I think...hehehe!) and it has a cute garden theme in it. There are bunnies in there too! :D

A cute Metcard!

Bunny Metcard Posted by Picasa

Charli got this cute tram ticket yesterday. It's pink and it has a bunny on it. I like! :D

Pet shop visits

Some pictures from visiting pet shops :)

Zzzz......... Posted by Picasa

This little black dog looks like it fell asleep waiting for someone to come by and play.

Big grey rat Posted by Picasa

A rat that looks a little like a mouse we used to own.

Beautiful Ryukins Posted by Picasa

The most beautiful Ryukins we have ever seen here (or anywhere actually for that matter). They were on sale for $95 each!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Double dose of lucky feet

Bobbi bunny was running circles around my feet again today :D She ran so near she was stepping all over my feet and squeezing in between...Really too cute!

Doubly lucky Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bunny loves me :D

I think Bobbi bunny is really happy whenever she is out and I spend time playing with her. I just have to stand on one spot in the middle of the floor when she is running around and she will run around my feet in circles! According to this fun-to-read website she is terribly happy to see me and this is a form of greeting. Gee...I am so honoured...hehehe!