Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunny Sunday

There is really fantastic weather here today. It is nice and sunny and just great to be out. After church this morning, went to Macro Wholefoods to buy stuff for cooking. Decided to go to the South Melbourne market after that as well. A whole morning of foodie activities :) Bought some nice flowers for the house too (no idea what they are called though).

Flowers around the house Posted by Picasa

Tested out a cookie recipe from the Green & Black's chocolate recipe book - Chocolate Brazil soft-baked biscuits. Darlink will have nice munchies when he gets back on Wednesday :) They are also good since I used Dark 70% chocolate. Hehehe!

Chocolate Brazil soft-baked biscuits Posted by Picasa

For dinner, there will be pasta that I bought today. Just a little indulgence since I am all by myself and I cannot get to eat the yummy Singapore food that Darlink has been having a great time filling up on these past few days!

Pasta for dinner Posted by Picasa

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