Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday passed

My first Saturday by myself...have managed to keep it really fully occupied :) Got my haircut in the morning. Planned to go and take a look at what was on High Street in Armadale since it is supposedly a shopping strip which I haven't gone to. Decided to drop by Prahran market first. Love going there :) The atmosphere is really nice on Saturdays...lots of people, all the stalls are open and there is generally a good buzz to it. Couldn't buy any groceries since I wasn't planning on going home yet though. But I got a chilli pasta sauce and chestnut paste from The Essential Ingredient.

Well, High Street didn't really turn out to be that fun for me. The shops there are mainly art galleries, spa and beauty types, expensive clothes shops and home furnishings. One thing was good about it though - Philippa's, a nice bakery with lots of cookies, cakes and breads. I bought a lavender and lemon tea cake loaf. After I bought that, I spotted bread with chocolate and cherries! Couldn't be buying so much cakes and bread for myself so that will have to wait. Gee...I might have to go back there just to buy cakes/ bread.

Met Yee later to go to Westfield Southland for more shopping therapy. We walked around till the shops closed at 5pm and then she invited me to visit her place and have dinner. She drove me back and then it was her turn to visit my house and the famed Bunny. So there was my entire day, filled to the brim with places to go, things to see and buy and some company as well :D

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