Saturday, July 23, 2005

Turtles Can Fly

Just watched my first movie here in Melbourne and the first of my two (yes I have decided to just watch two movies out of the hundreds) in the Melbourne International Film Festival - Turtles Can Fly by Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi. You can read the synopsis and reviews at:

It is a great movie, beautifully shot and scripted. I came out feeling a little sad as you get to see the effects that war has on these children who are forced to grow up so fast in the hostile environment. The kids in the movie with their missing limbs are really children who have suffered the effects of the war and could probably be just re-enacting some part of their lives. Although the movie has a sad overtone, there are funny moments that make the movie beautiful too.

Together with other internationally acclaimed Iranian movies that I have watched (The Colour of Paradise and Children of Heaven), I feel that Iranian film directors have done a great job in conveying their message through the innocence of children which makes their message even more poignant.

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