Monday, July 11, 2005

I hate the TV programming here!

It is so irritating how the TV programming here just changes without warning week-to-week. I am here ranting away now because there is no Desperate Housewives to watch today! They just decided this week that they wanted to show a season premier of 24, so they just stop showing the only show I watch in a week for this week! The season here is already 3 weeks behind Singapore because some time back, they decided to show some other show for 3 weeks in that time-slot and so just stopped the season for 3 weeks. Can you beat that? Now we are back by a month! It is supposed to be back on next week. I really cannot get what these people are thinking! Why would you show a season premiere of another show for just one week so that when you finally start the series, the first episode was shown 1 month ago? In the meantime, you irritate the people who are watching the existing series and don't really care if you dangle a new program carrot in front of them because all they want to do is get on with what they were watching!

When I first got here, they were showing Joey (the spin off from Friends) and I was quite happy because they hadn't even started showing it in Singapore yet. Anyway, after 3-4 episodes, the show suddenly disappeared. Either they stopped showing it or moved it to some other time-slot or swapped it for some other show the programmer preferred to watch at that time. But I lost track of that one since it was showing at dinner time during that period anyway.

How can these people program shows like that? Why can't they just let these series run their course without interrupting with whatever new shows they suddenly get their hands on? So fed up.

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