Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thinking about Singapore

Recently while having dinner and watching CNN news, I realised that being in Australia really sort of alienates you from the world. It was from CNN that I realised that Singapore was hosting the 117th Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) - the biggest sports meeting in the world. Hooray for Singapore!!! If you cannot host the Olympics, just host the meeting that determines where the Olympics can be held. Way to go man!!! I feel quite proud already. So many famous people will be descending on Raffles City to pitch for their city and they will all get to see our fabulous country.

I haven't actually heard much about the IOC here. The news is simply quite local and world news is limited to the really big time stuff that happens elsewhere. At least watching CNN these few days gave me some news on what is happening on the rest of the planet. Not just knowing that some ridiculous person "felt cheated" being one of the 3 privileged people on earth witnessing one of the Twelve Apostles collapse when it did.

IOC happening at Raffles City - pic from news Posted by Picasa

Anyway, while I was reading Singapore-ified news on AsiaOne just now, I realised that I miss so many things about Singapore already. I miss The Straits Times (who ask them to charge for the website access!! It is also their fault I am cut-off from the world!), shopping on Orchard Road, great buses, taxis and MRTs, great food everywhere (to think I used to complain about having no idea what to eat), all my credit cards and shopping discount cards, masses with nice hymns to many things...except probably the blazing hot weather than I am hearing about now.

Will be looking forward to going back in November. There will be so many places I have to visit!

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