Thursday, June 30, 2005

Say Hi to Hoops & Yoyo

Hoops & Yoyo help keep the place tidy by holding all my rings Posted by Hello

Haven't introduced my current "pets" since live ones are not feasible now. See Hoops and Yoyo - a cute pink cat and a green rabbit, courtesy of the nice people at Hallmark. You can also see more fun stuff related to them at Check out the e-cards! They provide real good laughs.

I got them on the condition that I would send photos of them back at Hallmark so they have gone on trips with us to the Mornington Peninsula and the Great Ocean Road and have nice pictures to show for it! One of the photos were up on the website once but now it got overtaken by the loads of pictures other people send so I might as well put them up here :)

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bumblebee said...

Very cute "pets" you have.. I enjoy reading your postings! :)