Sunday, June 05, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!

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Yesterday was my birthday (just realised it has become June 5)! So old! 29 years old already! I don't really feel that old though, I guess that is what counts :) Age is but a number.

Went to the casino to try my luck since it was supposed to be my lucky day....Hmmm but I don't think it really worked out that way. Sort of decided that gambling is not really for me because the stress of it gave me a headache after that. I think I should just stick to scratchies or lotto at the most. In fact, I think I might have won a little prize for the $25 million draw (of course nothing near $25 million or I would be able to jet around the world and not work anymore)! :P

All the presents I received for my birthday this year are a coatie and dress from Mammo, a top and cute toy from my sis, a bag from my auntie (all that came in a nice big parcel from Singapore), a pretty japanese tea cup from dear Darlink (for my many teas) and a pot of flowers from John & Charlene (so I have something to look after without my furry bunny here). Thank you everyone for the nice presents and good wishes! :)

I also planted some seeds that are supposed to grow flowers in the balcony. Hope that grows well into many pretty flowers in 3 months. Now these seeds have the same birth date as me!

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