Thursday, June 02, 2005


Don't really know if it is due to the cold weather these days or just the lack of mental stimulation but I can feel sleepy anytime of the day: Morning, after lunch, even at 4pm today! Wonder if anyone notices me falling asleep at work :S Very very bad...

The weather these days averages about 11-12 degrees. Although the cool weather is nice, it does get a little too cold for my liking sometimes and it is really hard to get out of bed in the morning when it is all nice and warm under the quilt.

A rather bad thing happened at lunch today. Was happily eating my vietnamese beef noodles when my teeth suddenly scraped so hard on my tongue that I think I must have lost some tastebuds and a bit of blood in the process. Ken (Darlink's colleague) says that the tongue is the part of the body that heals the fastest. Don't really know if he can be trusted given all the rubbish these guys talk about but I really do hope so. I am talking with a funny lisp for some parts of the rest of the day.

On a good note, I went to buy a scratchie (the scratch and win on the spot lotteries) and won $10 for my pain! :) I also got birthday presents from my Mammo, sis and auntie! Hooray! I have opened them already even though the Day is not here yet :P Hehehhe!

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