Friday, June 03, 2005

Any excuse for tea!

Any excuse for tea Posted by Hello

Got myself a birthday present - more tea! Been thinking about this one for a while...hehehe! Any excuse to buy more new flavours to try :) So far the chances of me coming out from one of my favourite tea shops with tea is about 70% I guess.

What we have here is Monk Pear from T2 (, one of the nice tea shops around here that regularly sees me flitting around the shelves deciding what to get next. The description for Monk Pear is "a sophisticated tea for lovers of earl grey. the bergamot flavour is enhanced with sweet pear and jasmine blossoms". Sounds good eh...wait till you smell it. I haven't tasted it yet though :P The nice girl at the shop gave me samples so that I can send them to Singapore for my Mammo to try.

My other favourite tea shop is L'Epicier (, a Japanese tea shop in QV, just where my office is. This is great too! I went in last week and came out with a whole sampler of 10 green teas because it got really difficult just trying to pick one. Now I have brought a tea plunger to the office so that I can enjoy all the nice tea leaves instead of the regular tea bags in the pantry.

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