Friday, June 17, 2005

Hooray! It is Friday!

Another week flashes is incredible how the days just go by so quickly everyday. I have been here for 3 months and 1 week already. I put down 3 months I actually feel that it has been longer though...

After work today, I go for my usual "treat" at the Melbourne Central pet shop and guess what we have today? 2 cute Japanese Spitz puppies! Puffy balls of white fur (although this is not so apparent in the photo but aren't they cute anyway?)! These are rather expensive even compared to Singapore puppy prices - $1,495!! But I guess they would still cost more there.

Japanese Spitz puppies! Posted by Hello

Was in a bit of a shopping mood so went for a walk around the city. There are sales all over the place. Sort of realised that Melbourne is rather good for shopping. One of those places where there always seems to be a sale on somewhere or other. Went to one of my favourite nice clothes shops, Mazi ( to admire what they have and found that they were having a 20% off storewide. Still a bit expensive for me after admiring all the stuff in the shop, I sadly leave with nothing. Went to Target instead (that is one of my favourite places because it is cheaper!) and Myer later with Darlink when he was done with work (that is one of his favourite places now that the sales are on).

Wonder what we will do this weekend...hmmm maybe we will go to the South Melbourne Market to get the very nice no-preservative turkey I got from there previously. Just hope that we don't make it 10-in-a-row-without-a-break to Smith Street again!

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