Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thoughts on work

After about 1 month at work, I still feel quite lonely at times. I think it has something to do with me being a contractor rather than an employee so people do not really see me as being part of them. I am not going to be involved in the year-end process with them (i.e.: having to work late and weekends even) so that will probably make the distance larger. Anyway, who's complaining about not having to work late though :P.

Basically I just do my own stuff everyday, not really talk to anyone because my work is sort of carved out separate from the rest of the people, go lunch with Darlink or Charli and John or buy something in (if I get bored going with Darlink and his colleagues) and go home at about 5.30.

Well, there is good and bad to this whole thing but anyway, hopefully at the end of my one year contract, I can have my own business to work on and not have to find another job again.

This is so different from my time at StatsChippac with Shirley, Cyndy and Elaine around, when there was a lot of camaderie and fun at work although life was much tougher too. I feel it is rather hard to keep up a conversation with the people here because of the different way we speak and probably what we are interested in anyway as well. But I don't even notice that there is much camaderie among the people here on their own anyway because everyone sort of settles their own lunch mostly and not all go out together. Probably it is a different kind of culture altogether?

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