Thursday, June 30, 2005

A giant protest

Protest! Posted by Hello

Oooh today I saw my first large scale protest in the streets over certain workplace laws plans being made by the government. Many unions and workers are not happy at all about their workers' rights being amended and so more than 100,000 people marched down the main street in the city. Of course I was not anywhere near when it happened. I just took a look down from my office window which faces the street they were pouring down. By the way, this is not the view from my office. This is just a picture I got from the newspaper website. I did think of bringing a camera today when I read of the protest last night but then I didn't want to be this ulu fella in office who has never seen a protest before :P

Gee...from an Asian country, you would rarely get to see such sights. Here, there are little protests going on once in a while but this was really quite massive. Apparently they have not got one this big for a while. So these people are really trying to get a message across. Power man...

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