Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What we usually do here

Foosball craze Posted by Hello

Dear darlink thought that it would be good to document (like all good auditors do) what we usually do here for entertainment these days.

Weekdays are all a regular hustle and bustle of getting to work and getting home and trying to get to sleep early so that there is enough rest and that is about it.

Weekends are when Darlink gets really excited because he keeps wanting to go to Smith Street to go factory outlet shopping. Smith Street is where the Nike, Adidas and Quiksilver outlets are and some people really love going there over and over last count we went there 8 weeks in a row!! Amazing huh? But the stuff you can get is really value compared to normal prices out in the city. That is where it sort of spoils the fun of shopping in normal shops...

On the more fun side of shopping for women, we went to an Olga Berg factory outlet one of the Saturdays. Just so you know, Olga Berg is an Australian designer ( who does really nice bags and so Charli and I were really happy there buying presents for ourselves and everyone we could think of (maybe not really everyone...:P we are not that rich yet).

Sundays are when travel is cheap since they introduced a $2.50 whole-day-travel-everywhere kind of ticket. So that is when we travel out to further away places if there are things to see there.

One more of Darlink's recent crazes is playing foosball in his office breakout area (see silly pic). Yes, they actually bought a foosball table for them to play on breaks or after work so now you will probably find him there every evening and sometimes even at night on weekends when we pass by.

This coming weekend is going to be something different. We are going to the Great Ocean Road with Charli and John since there is the Queen's birthday holiday on Monday. Take a read on the website ( so that you have some idea of the places we will be going to! There will be great pictures to see when we get back! :)

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