Sunday, June 19, 2005

“Kenkou Jukun” – Ten rules to a Healthy Lifestyle

Tea cup sayings Posted by Hello

1. Shouniku Tasai – Eat less meat, eat more vegetables
2. Shouten Tasu – Intake less salt, intake more vinegar
3. Shoutou Taka – Intake less sugar, intake more fruits
4. Shoushoku Taha – Eat small cuts of food, chew well
5. Shoui Tayoku – Wear less clothing, exfoliate and bathe well
6. Shougou Tagyo – Don’t talk about doing something, just do it!
7. Shouyoku Tasi – Desire less, give generously to others
8. Shoyu Tamin – Worry less, sleep well
9. Shousha Taho – Drive a lot less, walk a lot more
10. Shoufun Ta-Shou – Don’t be angry, be happy – Smile & laugh more!

Great advice isn't it? :)

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