Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another weekend goes by

Had a rather fun Sunday today. We went to South Melbourne to visit the market there together with Charli. Along the way we also saw some nice home furnishing shops and the Made In Japan ( warehouse outlet! I got some nice Japanese fabric...thought I might try to make something out of it. Darlink got some nice tea cups which had some useful advice on it (in Japanese of course but there was a translation). Thought it might be good to share this with everyone. See

We had brunch at Cafe Sweethearts which according to some food review has "No fewer than 53 brekkie options are available (more if you count side dishes), including pancakes with berries, eggs-any-way". I LOVE BREAKFAST!! It was tough deciding on what pancakes to choose but Charli and I actually ended up with the same one even. Food was good and other people's food looked good too. Guess we can always go back again (maybe next week and the week after and the week some street we keep going to you will soon find out).

When we finally got to the market, it was bustling with people as I guess Sunday is marketing day. We got quite a lot of stuff from there: A giant fishbowl, the preservative-free turkey :), nice-smelling handmade soaps, bread, 3 boxes of tea and 5 bars of chocolate. Charli got an entire 5-piece pots and pans set for quite a good deal and a pair of boots too!

We lugged all the purchases home and since it was only about 3+, guess where we were going to rush to next? No prizes man, because if you have been following this blog, weekends are now not complete without a visit to...the famed Smith Street for the record-breaking 10th week in a row! I think that if the Smith Street neighbourhood association realised what faithful visitors we have been to that stretch of road, without being a salesperson in the shops or a resident in the area, we would definitely be featured in the local weekly newspaper :P.

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