Monday, June 06, 2005

Thoughts on Small Bunny

This morning was a rather cold and foggy morning. It was about 7 degrees when I woke up and i could see my breath as I walked to work, so I kept puffing my way along :) I think that sort of distracts my mind from the actual cold.

I thought that when I do not have some pressing issues to mention I would write about Small Bunny (aka Bunnitto), my other remaining bunny, Rabbitto Bunny's sidekick, the world's cutest bunny (in my eyes of course). Rabbitto Bunny was cute but not this cute. He was more of a cool and stylo type of bunny.

Small Bunny used to get a bit bullied by Rabbitto since he was the younger one. But he was also Rabbitto's comforter who let him snuggle next to him after Rabbitto was done bullying him and wanted to be friends again.

I get updates on Small Bunny from Mammo and Mathilda who now have the honour of looking after him :). Apparently now he is sort of king of the balcony since he is the only one living there. He also wants to get in the house most of the time now. Maybe to see what everyone is doing or to remind them that he is there :)

I think he is also getting fatter as he gets ALL the food now without Rabbitto to bully him. Look at the cute pic! What a darling!

Small Bunny!

Hmph! If not for the ban on bringing rabbits into Australia, I would have my bunnies with me and not have to go to the pet shop regularly for my "furry animal therapy".

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