Sunday, June 26, 2005

Rest & relax

Spent a rather quiet weekend this going to Smith Street for us this time...Phew! :P Saturday was just spent walking around the city. We did a Spring St --> Collins St --> Elizabeth St --> Lonsdale St round and got home before it got dark. Nothing really much in terms of shopping.

Today we went to Bridge Road. Thought that since the sale season is on, there might be good buys at the factory outlets. Actually didn't plan on buying anything (like who am I kidding)...but well...ended up with 2 skirts from Country Road (at additional 40% off the factory outlet prices! Woo hoo!) and 1 more from Review. Eeeek!

No photos for today since there was nothing really interesting in terms of pictures. The street views are the typical winter look with the botak trees down both sides giving the impression that it is really cold. Then again it actually was at 3 degrees this morning, so we got out of the house all bundled up in thick coats, beanie and gloves (the works). Then it got to something like probably 15-16 degrees in the afternoon and I sort of felt a bit silly...well, who's to know?

Just to add some fuzzy warmth to this page, here is a cute picture of Small Bunny (courtesy of Mathilda) :)

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