Saturday, December 31, 2005

So hot today!

The heat is terrible! It reached 42 degrees - a new record for Victoria! When the wind blows it is even worse! It's like having hot air blowing out of an oven into your face. It sort of scorches you. We didn't go out earlier today because it was too hot. Worse still, we had a building evacution just now. Had to climb down 19 floors because the evacuation signal went off. Everyone had to wait downstairs while the firemen went into the building. Standing there with the hot wind blowing was slightly torturous.

Firemen going into building Posted by Picasa

Everyone hanging around downstairs in the scorching wind Posted by Picasa

Anyway, we are now in my office waiting to see the fireworks. There is quite a good view from here so hopefully we will get some good pics :)

Update (9.30pm): We just saw one round of fireworks! :D So nice!

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