Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Christmas present

My 2 Unazukin - Cherry Blossom & Fei Posted by Picasa

I first came across these cute nodding dolls called Unazukin through ohsewpretty's blog as she makes really cute knitted dolls inspired by these toys.

I had to have one of these toys and when I found them in Bangkok, I was so excited and I got 2 - one for my sis and one for me :) I knew she would want one too. It was going to be her Christmas present.

Just before I left Singapore, my sis gave me my Christmas present early and when I saw the shape of the box, I immediately knew what it was. I was so shocked that we could both come up with the same present for each other I couldn't hide the surprise. Well, it turns out that she found it in Singapore anyway and she was hoping I wouldn't find it there :P

I have waited until Christmas to see the actual design she got me and well, now Fei has companion - Cherry Blossom...hehehe! Don't great minds think alike?

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