Friday, December 09, 2005

Walking the bunny

We tried leashing Bobbi bunny to see if we could walk her around the balcony earlier. She is starting to pee on the sofa everytime we let her out so we thought it might be a better idea to walk her around outside (but not want her running off the edge). I think we need to get her neutered soon actually, but that is another matter - one stressful for both the bunny and me :S

Anyway, it was quite funny trying to walk her. For one, she didn't really want to be in the balcony. It was a little cold today and probably unfamiliar so she kept wanting to get back inside. I walked her around in the house a bit. Mostly it involved her trying to get to places she shouldn't go to and me trying to steer her away. It got a bit scary and tiring for both of us so I steered her home and she was happy to be back too :) Hehehe!

No pics of course because I was too occupied making sure she didn't dash away to the wrong place.

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