Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cherry picking

We went to Red Hill to pick cherries yesterday since they are now in season :) It was fun seeing all the cherries in the trees and plucking them by the handfuls. The only downside to visiting farms at this time of the year was the flies that are all over the place (according to news reports, there are an estimated 650 billion flies in Victoria at this time!!). The first farm that we went to had too many flies around and didn't really put us in the mood for going out to the trees. When we found the second farm, amazingly, we weren't too plagued by flies. We even picked an entire bucket (5kg!) of cherries! Our entire fridge is stocked with cherries. Luckily I have found that we can freeze them and they will be able to keep for a year even. So now we will have cherries to last us until the next season :D

Cherries in the tree Posted by Picasa

Cherries in our bucket! Posted by Picasa

The Hooded Cherry Picker Posted by Picasa

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