Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas deco in the city

Elves outside Myer Posted by Picasa

"Stars" in the sky Posted by Picasa

Went down Bourke Street Mall after work today. There are these stars all strung up - quite pretty. Hmmm...I think we should probably take a look at night too. Wonder if they get lighted up? (Update: No they don't and there are 1,600 stars there, just for info)

Somehow there doesn't seem to be much of the kind of light-up here that we have every year in Singapore. My sis sent me some of the pics taken along Orchard Road...I did get to see some of them before I left though. :S Looking at the pics somewhat makes me miss it all happening over there.

Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Orchard Road Posted by Picasa

Tree outside Paragon Shopping Centre Posted by Picasa

Scotts Road at night Posted by Picasa

This is the first time I am spending Christmas without my family. There isn't so much of a festive mood since I don't really have Christmas shopping to do and not many people around to celebrate it with (except Darlink of course). There seems to be the usual bustle when it comes to the shopping here too....but without the light-up (or is it because we don't go out at night??) to add to the festive mood, I don't feel too Christmasy just yet.

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