Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Although less cold these days, they are windy. I can hear the wind whistling in the stairwell at the office. When I cross roads that are across the direction of the wind blowing, I sort of feel a bit scared at being blown off-course. Just as a comparison, wind speed now is about 59kph here. It is 4kph in nice balmy Singapore.

Of course this is nothing compared to Hurricane Katrina in the US Gulf Coast. The wind speeds were something like 240kph at its worst!!! It is now around 96kph - classified as a tropical rainstorm. I think it is terrible that these things happen. We were just imagining last night how it awful it is leaving everything behind and just running away for your life.

I am reading about the devastation left by the hurricane in the places it hit last night. It is hard to imagine how these places will get back on their feet after all that damage and destruction. We can only pray that most people get out of this safely.

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