Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Chance of snow in the city!

Just heard the weather forecast on the radio which said that there is a 40% chance of snow in the city today!! There hasn't been any for 20 years! Yikes! This morning was really quite cold at 5 degrees! My eyes teared at the cold wind while walking to work. Apparently there might be hail as well...:S Stay tuned! But at this point, everything looks fine - the sky is blue and sunny. So hard to imagine but very exciting!

On the note of lemon myrtle bread which I am going to have for lunch today, I really like the lemongrass smell! Darlink thinks it tastes like dishwashing liquid....:( To each his own...

Weather update 1:
It is now 12noon and I can see big clouds rolling in. But I still don't see any snow. Apparently it might melt before reaching the ground (aww!) but up here on the 25th floor, I might be able to see something.

Weather update 2:
It is now 1.50pm. The sky looks bright and sunny. How could there be any snow? Hmph!

Weather update 3
It is now 6.15pm. I am at home now. The wind outside is biting cold but luckily not too strong so I made it home with all fingers attached. No sign of snow in the city today. Apparently people gathered on the observation deck on top of one of the tall buildings in the CBD hoping to spot some but there were none. Some suburbs around seriously did get snow though but there are also warnings as the roads become slippery and dangerous.

The temperature now is 3 degrees but feels like -4 degrees!

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