Monday, August 15, 2005

Massive nature

Watched a documentary on TV last night called Massive Nature, charting the perilous journey of African sardines to warmer waters to feed and the gigantic proportions of food chain activity that arises from that migration. It was so fascinating! Hundreds of millions of sardines swimming in a giant shoal, giving rise to thousands of dolphins tracking them down, and thousands of sharks tracking the dolphins down. Also thousands of some sea birds following the dolphins looking for the sardines too and thousands of sea lions waiting for the sea birds. In any case, when they all find the sardines, everyone goes for sardines instead of each other (whichever the prey-predator combination usually) and everyone has a feast of sardines. Poor sardines! I don't really feel like eating sardines any more after all that stress they go through.

But anyway, there are so many of them to go around, many still make it back home finally to do that crazy journey again the following year.

It's so amazing how nature orchestrates all that!

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