Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Was looking through the craft blogs (that I have at the side bar) today and all the related blogs that they link to and I got really inspired to try sewing something too! I don't have a sewing machine (although now I really wish I had one) so it will just have to be by hand. For starters, I am going to make Bobbi bunny a toy since I have actually been meaning to buy her one but couldn't find anything suitable. She had better not chew up my work! :P (What are the chances? But I am going to try anyway).

I am quite amazed at the people who maintain these craft blogs. They are mostly mums with kids and they have time to do these things! I think that looking at kids books really help provide inspiration to do all these cute colourful stuff. I love looking at kids books too for the pictures and colours but I don't really have any chance to get into the thick of things without a real reason to be doing so. Why would someone my age be reading such books?

Anyway, I have already gotten myself all geared up to do my first sewing project in a long time. I went to the craft shop at lunch time to get some felt and thread and with the help of the inspiring blogs I think I already have an idea of what I will do. Stay tuned!

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