Thursday, August 18, 2005

Dental trauma

Had a large filling in one of my back teeth which I knew was going to fall out because I was getting a weird feeling in the area for a few days. This morning, just before I went to work, I looked in the mirror and IT WAS GONE!! That would mean two terrible things for me. One, I swallowed a load of poison (mercury) and two, I had to get the big hole patched up or I would not be able to eat.

I hate going to the dentist! Anyway, I managed to make it to work in a rather disturbed and dazed state (yes, that is how it affects me). After lots of calls to various dentists I managed to find one in Malvern with an appointment for 12 noon.

I will not go through the "gory" details of what I had to go through but I was so stressed out in the dentist chair, the dentist offered me Happy Gas (complimentary - which I did not want anyway because I think it would give me greater stress feeling like I am being gassed or put to sleep). She was really nice though and applied some relaxing ayurvedic balm to help me feel better. I don't really know why I was so panicky in there though. It is probably due to the fact that it was all unfamiliar and I already got used to my dentist in Singapore.

One and a half hours later and $485 (SO EXPENSIVE!! I have never seen such a large dental bill) poorer, I was out with half a numb face and well, at least a nice fixed tooth. It looks great! On the whole, I don't think I can complain about having to pay so much because I was almost thinking of crowning the tooth which would have cost more still and involve lots more appointments. I got a composite resin filling this time so it looks just like the rest of my teeth and not the ugly normal filling. In fact, I might consider changing the filling in other teeth so they all look nice and white...oh but the cost...:S

I am still having a headache from all the stress today and my half numb face just became normal a while ago. :(

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