Monday, August 08, 2005

Another new week!

Another weekend quickly passes and it is Monday again! Pity we won't be celebrating National Day tomorrow over here :(

Had some fun this weekend playing Taboo with Charli & Johnny. It was really funny seeing how different people are wired up when it comes to associations they have with words. We were still laughing about some weird ideas Charli has as of yesterday night involving fat bears, grizzly bears, brooms and mops.

We also had fun watching Bobbi bunny "go crazy" running on the sofa. She binkies a lot and when she gets all soaked up in the moment, she sort of forgets where she actually is and "flew" off the sofa in a giant leap twice in an airport runway take-off style.

Cannot wait for the next weekend when we will probably go to the Olga Berg warehouse again for the last chance to get any nice handbags! :)

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