Thursday, September 15, 2005

Peek-a-boo bunny

Peek-a-boo bunny Posted by Picasa

Here is a pic of Bobbi looking around over the top of her box on her evening run out.

Today was somewhat an odd day for me. The Department was having a big half day lunch to celebrate the end of the year-end "suffering" they went through - which I didn't due to the nature of my job. Which thus made it weird for me to be celebrating anything. The whole year-end process has sort of made me stick out like a sore thumb in the whole department (at least I feel this way even if no one else notices). I felt totally left out so I didn't go for the lunch :( On the other hand, I had the half day off since it didn't make sense for me to be the only person at work right? Got to get home at 1pm and do whatever I wanted to. Still feel a little crappy at the whole situation though...

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