Thursday, September 22, 2005

My "garden"

Look at the first blooms coming out from the seeds I planted some time back in June (look here for the picture back then)! This little bunch together with another smaller bunch are the only surviving lots of these seeds that I planted. The rest didn't seem to make it through the cold weather. In any case, they are even flowering! How nice :) Darlink has been helping me to water them everyday so some credit (actually most) go to him.

My first flowers! Posted by Picasa

Here are also pots of parsley and coriander that I bought from the supermarket (they sell some herbs in pots here so that you can "harvest" them for use right in the kitchen) so if these grow successfully, I might not have to buy anymore bunches from the market in future. The first lot dried up but as you can see, there are new ones growing out! :D

Parsley & Coriander Posted by Picasa

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Cute Doggies said...

Love your little herb garden. Wish I can grow all these too!