Sunday, September 04, 2005

Camberwell Sunday Market

We went to the Camberwell Sunday Market today. I think it was great fun! It was a flea market of sorts, where there were lots of second-hand & vintage clothes, toys, books, homeware etc. The fun bit is that everywhere you look, there is something interesting to see.

I got a nice japanese kimono style top for $5 and a Muppet Show book for $2. Darlink got a bunch of collectible pins for $20 but the shopping winner was Charli with a $3 Kermit the Frog (under my influence :) Hey I wanted that for myself but I have too many toys), $5 book, $5 glass plate and $40 worth of cushions (2 large ones and they were new). I could go there every week to rummage through stuff. I know some people who will definitely love it...too bad you are not here!

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