Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday photos - Part 4

DAY 8 - Tsukiji, Kappabashi-dori & Asakusa
Tried to get up early to see the activities at the Tsukiji fish market but we weren't early enough to see the main bulk of fish coming through and being sold. Got there at around 9+. Still, there were some activities going on - electric carts zipping in all directions, people queuing for fresh sushi and stalls selling all kinds of seafood. The fresh food market nearby was also fun to walk around in. There are also a couple of shops in the area selling Japanese crockery.

Tsukiji fish market Posted by Picasa

We went back to the Asakusa area again as we had not yet visited Kappabashi-dori (or "Kitchen Street") where lots of kitchen-related items are sold as well as the fake plastic food displayed in most restaurants. Nothing much for us to buy here, but we got some nice Japanese tea tins.

Went to Nakamise-dori again as that was one of our favourite areas.

Lots of souvenirs! Posted by Picasa

DAY 9 - Marunouchi & departure
Our last day! We had to contemplate carefully where to spend the last few hours we had after checking out of the hotel as the flight was in the evening. Decided to go to the area around Tokyo station as we had not even been there and it is the centre of Tokyo and actually where the Imperial Palace is.

The area is very much a CBD area - lots of office buildings but we found underground shopping arcades at Tokyo station. Lots more things to see here but we did not have time to go through them all. This will have to be revisited. Hehehe!

Food delivery on a bike! Posted by Picasa

Headed back to the hotel to get our luggage at about 1.30pm and made our way to the airport. We had a tiring but really good time in Tokyo.

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