Saturday, December 09, 2006

A great holiday

Nothing new has appeared here for a long time because I have not had access to a computer much since we left Melbourne. We returned from our Tokyo trip yesterday and it was really fun! Pics will come soon once I get them out of the camera - there are more than 400 pictures!

Contrary to much we have heard about Japan being really expensive, we found it not that bad after all. Perhaps we were travelling at budget level but in any case, we always had decent good food, a great location to stay in and great amounts of shopping done.

Shopping is fantastic! There are shops everywhere you turn. You just have to be in an area with shops and there will be surprises at every corner. There were so many instances where I felt so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to see in each store. I wonder how one could ever finish visiting all the shops.

Food is also really easily found for whatever your budget might be. In most cases, our meals cost about $10 per person which was OK compared to what we usually had in Melbourne.

The only thing I wished that could have gone better was if we knew a little Japanese. Most people there hardly speak any English and sometimes it got a little frustrating trying to get what you saying across the language barrier. However, in most cases, they are quite patient and we eventually manage get our messages across to each other.

We definitely will go back to Japan again. For me, it was the best trip we have had and is one of my dreams fulfilled :D

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