Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday photos - Part 2

DAY 4 - Asakusabashi, Kichijoji & Shinjuku
Headed to Kichijoji but stopped by Asakusabashi as we needed to change trains. Went to take a look at some of the traditional Japanese dolls at Kyugetsu. We passed by here the previous day while getting to Ryogoku but did not realise that this was the area with the doll shops. Anyway, they are really expensive but the shop allowed us to take photos.

Japanese dolls Posted by Picasa

Headed to Kichijoji next where there is a nice park - Inokashira park. Read that there were performers and flea market stalls that might appear in the park on weekends but we didn't see any except for a balloon twisting performer. In any case, the park was quite pretty with its large lake where you can rent a boat or paddle a swan boat and beautiful autumn coloured trees. We walked around a bit and then headed to the shops on the other side of the station (there were lots!).

Inokashira Park Posted by Picasa

Stopped by Shinjuku on the way back. The crowds at the station are massive! There are hordes of people going in all directions! We just went up into the first shopping centre exit we could find to avoid getting lost.

Shinjuku station crowds Posted by Picasa

DAY 5 - Ginza

Woke up a little later as we were worn out from the day before. Spent the day at Ginza where all the famous brands would have their own buildings each. Looked like you'd be a lost cause not having a shop here. Lots of rich looking shoppers here but not our kind of shopping. We also visited the Sony building here.

Shoppers at Ginza Posted by Picasa

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