Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday photos - Part 3

DAY 6 - Omotesando, Harajuku, Shibuya
Reached Omotesando at around 10am but the shops do not open that early here (actually most places in general :P). Luckily there was a large souvenir shop, Oriental Bazaar that opens earlier so we spent some time there first.

Omotesando is another high-end shopping area but there are some interesting small shops in the streets behind the Omotesando Hills shopping centre. We walked around there and headed to Harajuku's Takeshita Street where the Tokyo teenagers hang out at. Being a Monday though, we didn't get to see the cosplay kids dressed up. Noted lots of crepe shops here.

Crepes! Posted by Picasa

After lunch we walked to Shibuya - all this walking is done with the help of my trusty book of maps.

More shopping in this place! And as always lots of people everywhere. We also got to the famed crossing and the Hachiko statue. I actually remembered the location of Hachiko because of the Amazing Race! Hehehe!

Shibuya crossing Posted by Picasa

When we returned to our hotel, we had shifted to a Japanese-style room (would have got this for the full period of our stay but it was not available sometime in between). This was fantastic! The room was huge compared to the other one. It had a separate toilet and bath, a traditional Japanese living room and a bedroom with another sitting area.

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DAY 7 - Shinjuku

A second visit to Shinjuku as our last visit was only for a short time at night. Went quickly through the giant Isetan there and some of the shops and game arcades around.

Buildings in Shinjuku Posted by Picasa

Went in search of the Lupicia tea shop in Sendagaya next. This is one of my favourite tea shops in Melbourne so thought I should visit the big store in Tokyo.

Favourite tea shop Posted by Picasa

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