Friday, January 13, 2006


We had quite a bit of fun playing catching with Bobbi last night. She now gets to run around in the bathroom (where she likes to lie down next to the toilet bowl - because it is cold I guess :)) but then she will try and sneak out by pushing the door open and running around under the dining table legs where it is difficult to get her back.

Hiding where we cannot get her Posted by Picasa

Play time then consists of us trying to chase her back to the bathroom and her trying to sneak out when we are not looking ;) It's so funny seeing her cheeky look when she looks at us before dashing out. When she gets tired, she would just lounge next to the "cool spot" again.

On my other pet, it has grown larger again with the help of my constant blogging :) Blobby now walks on 2 legs! Hehehe!

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