Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Busy time & hot weather update

This week has not been fantastic for me. Firstly I had a new record of working until 11pm :( Working late here is not like in Singapore where you can just catch a cab easily and go home. I stay too near to work to catch a cab home (what an irony) and it is not safe to walk home alone so had to have Darlink come out and pick me :)

Tomorrow is a public holiday but I will still have to drop in at the office for a few hours at least. Then again, might as well since it is slated to be another scorcher anyway.

Hot weather here is terrible, not only is it bad for people, it is doing great damage to some nice places. National parks are burning up and so are sheep, cows and property. It is sad reading about the fire that is blazing at the Grampians, how people have to evacuate their houses to escape fires and poor sheep that have to be put down because they are scorched.

On another note, Poppi (the panda blob that is in my Tag friends window) is hungry! I don't know where to find food for it! Where is the chicken that gives out food??

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