Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bunny pedicure day

We brought Bobbi bunny for her first nail cutting experience at the vet today! Thank goodness everything went very smoothly. We couldn't do it ourselves because we haven't been able to carry her - we used to carry Small Bunny and Rabbitto bunny when we cut their nails previously.

The vet showed us that by putting her on a smooth surface so that she has no grip to escape and with one person holding her shoulders down, the other person could quite quickly and easily cut her nails by lifting up her paws. Bobbi bunny stayed quite still through the process and only did slightly try to move. We were all quite tensed up, being afraid that she might suddenly try and run away...hehehe! What a great relief it was after it was done in a couple of minutes only.

No worries now for a few months after which I think we need to try it out ourselves...:S

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