Sunday, November 06, 2005

One week has flashed past!

We have been back in Singapore for one week already! Got to visit some of my favourite shopping centres, spend time with my family, catch up with friends and eat local food (I then realise that I haven't eaten so many things for quite a while already). Sometimes when I think about what the next 3 weeks hold, it looks like it might all pass by in a flash! In the meantime, I have to savour every minute of having all the nice food here (that is so much cheaper to boot), catch up with the developments in the retail scene :) and catch up with all that is happening to the people that matter.

Bunny news: Small bunny is not small at all! In fact, he is one fat solid bunny :D.

Next week we will be off to one of our favourite places in the world so far...Bangkok! I will probably be even further removed from blogging during that time. Hopefully we don't come back with so many things we cannot bring them all back to Melbourne. Already a stash of stuff is beginning to accumulate from one week of being in Singapore.

Hmmm...wonder how Bobbi bunny, Charli and Johnny are doing over there in Melbourne...

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